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Report on activities of the President of UKE for 2012

The President of the Office of Electronic Communications is a regulatory authority responsible for telecommunications and postal activities, frequency resources management and compliance with criteria relating to electromagnetic compatibility. It is also a specialised authority with respect to the inspection of products radiating or susceptible to the radiation of electromagnetic field, including apparatus and telecommunications equipment placed in the Polish market.
On 27 January 2012, the Seym of the Republic of Poland with the Senate’s consent appointed for a five-year term the President of the Office of Electronic Communications Mrs Magdalena Gaj, who was Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure between 2009 and 2011 and was responsible for telecommunications and postal issues.

In her first year in office the President of UKE presented her Regulatory Strategy, defining the most important directions for the regulatory authority's activities in the area of telecommunications and postal market until 2015.

The President of UKE pointed out the introduction of tools encouraging the undertakings to invest in telecommunications infrastructure based on new technologies as one of her strategic objectives. In this respect it is very important for the undertakings and local self-governments to effectively use the European funds for the development of broadband access in fibre networks. The purpose is to provide Internet access of 30 Mbps for 30% of households by 2015 and for 100% of households by 2020.

The amendment to the Telecommunications Act was crucial in that respect, developed in 2012 thanks to cooperation between the President of UKE and the Minister of Administration and Digitization.  Thanks to this amendment and changes in the so-called mega-law, the provisions on access to property and using the existing infrastructure were specified more precisely.

The President of UKE also announced in her Regulatory Strategy that a Telecommunications Investment Centre will be established to support the undertakings in the roll-out of local access networks. It will comprise a team of experts whose task will be to support local operators in telecommunications investment projects.

As regards the postal services market the objective of the Regulatory Strategy is to strengthen competition and to protect consumer rights through effective implementation of new rules and preserving regulatory environment that is friendly and open to dialogue. The  most important task for the President of UKE and state authorities responsible for the postal sector, will be to implement the new Postal Law Act into practice and to prepare market participants - operators and service users - for full opening of the market to competition.

Main regulatory activities carried out by the President of UKE in 2012


  • Participation of UKE in the work on the amendment to the Telecommunications Act.
  • Ensuring pro-competitive and non-discriminatory conditions for access to the market, including the completion of relevant markets analysis, imposition of regulatory obligations and publication of reference offers.
  • Resolution of interconnection disputes and inspections of the undertakings' activities.
  • Increasing technical and economic availability of universal service.
  • Activities aimed at protection of consumer rights and increased consumer awareness.
  • Removing barriers to switching.
  • Monitoring of fair principles in rules and regulations for service provision and tariffs for telecommunications services.
  • Active management of numbering resources.
  • Memorandum for improvement of the quality of telecommunications services.
  • Participation in the work on the amendment of the mega-law.
  • Promoting self-government investment and activities of the state with regard to using the EU financial resources.
  • Identification of areas with demand for fixed-line telephony and fixed-line Internet.
  • Identification of white, grey and black areas and assessment of competition in the local Internet markets.
  • Advice to self-government units on broadband networks roll-out.
  • Exchange of experience and information sharing via the National Broadband Forum.
  • Monitoring of investment commitments undertaken by Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. as well as investment needs in the mobile market.
  • Agreement for counteracting the thefts of telecommunications, energy and rail transportation infrastructure.
  • Making available a telecommunications infrastructure map on the Broadband Poland website.
  • Efficient use of frequency resources and ensuring resources facilitating the development of radio broadband Internet access.
  • Announcement of the tender for five general exclusive frequency licences in the 1800 MHz band for the purposes of providing mobile telecommunications services.
  • Ensuring conditions for smooth transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television
  • (DVB-T).
  • Radio spectrum monitoring, control of parameters for radio equipment as well as detection and elimination of interference during the European Football Championships 2012.
  • Works on the amendment to the Postal Law Act.
  • Enforcement of access to universal postal services.
  • Monitoring the achievement of state objectives in the field of postal services market.

On 30 April 2013, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications submitted the Report on activities in 2012 to the Minister of Administration and Digitisation.

The Report is available in Polish>>>

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    The President of the Office of Electronic Communications (President of UKE) is the national regulatory authority for the market of telecommunications and postal services. The President of UKE is also the specialised authority in the area of equipment conformity assessment, including telecommunications terminal equipment and radio equipment.

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    Here you can find information about the most import ant international events, significant for the development of telecommunications and postal markets In Poland and for the statutory activity of the Office of Electronic Communications.
    International activity of the President of UKE consists of, inter alia, cooperation with the European Commission, other EU institutions and Regulatory Authorities of EU Member State. It includes also the cooperation within organizations of which UKE is a member, i.e. the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Body for European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP).

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    Contact details representatives of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE).
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