Swift deployment of fixed-line and mobile broadband access, digital switchover and protection of consumers, including more than PLN 1.8 million recovered for their benefit - the President of UKE presents up-to-date effects of the Strategy implementation.

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Brussels, 31 October 2014 - Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is not just about speed and doing the same things faster. FTTH enables a wide range of services and applications and brings wider benefits to society and its citizens, the economic health of communities and nations.

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The President of UKE starts consultations on documents defining main assumptions and guidelines to implement joint investment projects of the telecommunications and energy sectors.

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The President of UKE issued a decision on telecommunications access for Orange and Netia.

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The President of UKE starts consultations on the draft "Reference Offer for infrastructure operators defining the terms and conditions of providing access to Regional Broadband Networks".

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A fast-growing economy needs a fast fibre network, says the FTTH Council Europe

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How to get amateur radio-license for the foreign citizens, radio-license for VSAT and for SNG satellite earth station.

In order to obtain the radio-licence you have to fill attached application form and send it to the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) for proceedings.:

Amateur radio-license

VSAT radio-license

SNG radio-license

Rules for Using Non-licensed Frequencies
Notification of the placing on the market of radio equipment using not harmonised frequency bands according to Article 6.4 of the Directive 1999/5/EC.

Please see more:

EMC and RTTE regulations

Notification form

Requests for entry or a modification in the register of telecommunications undertakings should be submitted at an address of a Regional Office of Electronic Communications that is relevant for the seat of an undertaking or another entity authorised to perform business activities under separate provisions.

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Information for entities applying for numbering assignments together with description of the request contents and the level of charges for the right to use numbering.

Please see: Numbering assignment
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